Monday, May 3, 2010

Moni - Rooney !!

Playing football is always a fun !! I started playing football during college days, with my 'amateur ' group of friends. We use to play in the morning, in our college ground. Usually, this ground is full of morning joggers and walkers. We never pose danger to these joggers and walkers, because our strength wouldnt go more than five!!. We had a bunch of guys, who use to say "we will meet in the morning" but never turn up!! When enquired about there absent , they use to say "Hey sorry man, I woke up for the first alarm itself but thought of sleeping for just 5min, later forgot to getup!!". Bored of listening these "suprabhathas", we were playing in a small group. FIFA world cup had just concluded, we were trying to compare our-self to famed European footballers. On one Saturday morning , we were practicing football in our college grounds. We had two teams, most of them are new to me, because it comprises of our old seniors, outsiders and medical college students also. In the middle of the game, I noticed Mohan sitting outside the field so I called him to join our team. He had come to field to practice cricket, because this " out-of-form- opener" was struggling to get in to the form. He was a "lucky opener" in our Mechanical team, even-though he dont score in the match, opening an innings by him was "definite win" for his team. So, he survived in our college team based on this "lucky opener" label and not by his performance. When I called him to play football, initially he was unwilling to play, but accepted because of his "broad heart". He was clad with jeans and with neat full arm shirt and looks like a gentle man(Obviously! he was here to play gentleman cricket). When I tried to say some of the rules and which position he has to play, he said " I know the damn rules! and I know where to play". So, I said" Its your wish". So, he choosed the striker position!! and the game begins. He started kicking the ball and able to manage to take ball near the opposite goalpost. This Lucky cricketer (Mohan) turned first time footballer was resembling the young "Wayne Rooney" and was playing tricky to miss the ball form the opposite defender. When he was suppose to strike the ball to the goal post, one of the defender (opposite) came and checked Moni, with his strong legs. Moni fell on the ground with loud sound (like when you throw the bundle of news paper on the ground). When everyone gathered around him, he was laying on the ground with ash(not bollywood) like dust on his face and his jeans was torn out.
In no time, blood started coming form his palm, chin etc.. but he didnt notice and was trying to recover form the heavy jolt given by the defender. One of the medical student who was in the game told him to put his bleeding palm inside his mounth, then only he realized that his palm is cut open. So, he agreed and put bleeding palm inside his mouth. When everyone were pity about the situation, in a flash of a min he removed his bleeding palm form his mouth and said" O! sh*t , I dont like my blood, Its not spicy!!!!"

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  1. Nice to hear about mohan here..
    Everyonelikes his sense of humour.......