Friday, April 30, 2010

Moni- Mruthyu!!

Human beings encounters animals(including insects) form the ages! But the death rate of human by mosquito tops the list. In a retaliate human with his "hi-tech-liquidator " causing nightmare for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes causes malaria, dengue,brain fever and yellow fever(in African jungle). Common people were not aware of "chikungunya" till the recent outbreak. Those days were terrible to remember, if a person in a family gets chikungunya it use to spread to whole family (family sentiment). DVG also witnessed the epidemic of chikungunya. As we all know there is no place for "kind people" in the world, our "kind Mohan" was also infected by this "not-so-deadly" chikungunya. Immediately, he was shifted to Bapuji hospital by his relatives(he was staying in his relative home). Since he didnt come to college, I gave him a missed cal to know his whereabouts. He informed me that he is admitted in the hospital. Later, I told my group of friends about him so we decided to visit hospital. But we all agreed not to stay for long time in the hospital(because we may get infected). Even though we were ready to give our lives to beloved Mohan, but not interested to get affected by CG(its very painful). When we went there, the "fair guy" turned "dark" was laying on the bed. Since, we went there without taking any fruits (symbol of sympathy)Mohan started scolding "O! you guys came here for free movie without fruits ..Ok atleast a pound of bread". Usually, we dont carry it, because we talk fruitful words (they why fruits). So, I stared talking to take "Kadli hospital revenge" telling "Mohan, I read in newspaper there is no death because of chikungunya in DVG yet you can open a account!!" He said "I dont think so, because I have been treating by a good doctor". When he was telling this, he was very confident. But I didnt stop n said "No man, you look so ill and very near to death, these are all just pre-death formalities, moreover I have promised news agents to give first chickungunya death in DVG, so you have to die". In a confident voice he replied "Sorry guru, you cant fulfill your promise, because the doctor who is treating me is MRUTHYUNJAYA (doctor's name)!!