Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moni-Granny ...

I still remember it was "make omelet" type temperature in Yadgiri, (Dist: Gulbarga). Since I had visited for 15days trip with my family, I got high fever there. College was supposed to reopen in a couple of days, so I came and got admit in infamous "Kadli Hospital" DVG. All my neighbors and friends visited hospital to say "get well soon". Mohan also came to hospital and started telling "man you are so sick, probably you will die in a day or two". Sometimes, I do feel because doctor had told "if you were late by a day, even I could have done nothing". So, I thanked God for saving. A granny was admitted next to me was severe ill. She had undergone a operation (dont know what operation) and use to cry for unable to bear the pain. Seeing this kind of agony in my ward I insisted to change it. The 'beautiful' nurse agree to shift me in the evening. A hour later Mohan came talking over phone, holding the phone he was inquiring about my health. But he was chanting his mantra "man you are so sick, probably you will die in a day or two". A minute that granny started moaning high... I said mohan "See man I am very pity for this granny, she is groaning since yesterday". Later Mohan opened his mobile and he put on his recorder.. I asked him "what are you doing". He replied "I am recording her voice, to make my new ring tone !!!!!!"


  1. Hey Guru good to see u on blogspot ...

    Hey moni do u still have that recorded ring tone ..??

    Keep posting guru.. :)

  2. Good guru... hey mohan that was an awesome sense of humour....that too hearing u talk with old voice of urs. so this is episode-1 in the mega serial???

  3. ha hah
    superb maga great going guru mony awesome le ninu