Thursday, April 29, 2010


I brought up in a environment where nividye(breakfast for god)is served first, later to my hungry stomach. I was very much influenced by Mother's Pooja, Vrathas, Upavasa and strict no for Nov-veg on special days. I also cultivated the habit of going for temple on Thursdays and Saturdays. I do perform Poojas, chant Mantras etc .. more than the "modern 2000 AD" girls. My mother was also happy with my ""divine habit" and use to suggest list of poojas which I should strictly perform for "getting good omen". She had visited a astrologer to know about my "future". That god-man had suggested to go to Shanimahatma temple for 5 weeks, without missing. She informed me about this, as I am the "MAMAs'SON" i agreed. The next Saturday myself and Mohan went to "Mulit-utility Temple" (has Hanuman, Ganesha and Shanimahatma in a signle campus)near to my home. Mohan was clad with 'low jeans' and a short shirt! so I requested him to be cautious (warbode malfunction!) while doing "namaskar"(on kneels). later, I lit the dias(deepa)in front of Shani temple and went on making eleven rounds around the Shani temple. As I finished my rounding and wishing for good omen, I noticed mohan offering "namaskara on kneels"(bend on his kneels). I was shocked, went to him and said "Hey, what are you doing, you should not bend infornt of 'God shani', because he will get on your shoulder man and you will have bad luck for the future". So, he replied " hey hold on guru! I bend on my kneels to allow "Shani" to get down form my shoulder"


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  2. "getting good omen"/↨/"Omen or Women"

    and Moni simply great.

  3. Humorous Moni .. :)
    good one maga .. keep enlightening us about moni